Working Close to Your Roots

VHP helps Myra Schmidt, RN, stay committed to the community

Myra Schmidt, RN, joined Valley Health Partners Family Health Center (VHP–FHC) as a floor nurse in 2018. She was not new to health care as she started her journey in the field in 1995 in upstate New York.

A Cuban immigrant, Myra knows hard work and persistence. “English is my second language so my journey was difficult, however I had positive role models who encouraged me to find my passion and stick with it. And so, my journey as a nurse began, and I have never looked back or had any regrets,” Myra says.

“Being a part of the Community Health Center movement helps me stay connected to my roots.”

Myra’s family taught her “knowledge is truly power,” as she puts it. As a mission-driven nurse, Myra says she believes that you must stay grounded in your roots and connect with community to truly succeed in your goals and overcome obstacles. “My family encountered barriers like many in our community. But through all of the uncertainty, one thing that we were certain of was the support of our community – and so being a part of the Community Health Center movement helps me stay connected to my roots.”

As a Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alike, Valley Health Partners works to remove barriers to care such as lack of transportation, language, financial instability and other factors that affect health. These common issues often get in the way of vulnerable community members seeking care.

Myra’s journey with Valley Health Partners is also one of growth. Just four months after her start, she was promoted to Clinical Manager at VHP–FHC. And in 2022, Myra was again promoted, this time to Clinical Educator on the VHP Clinical Services team.

Myra continues to stay grounded in her roots even as she takes on new and expanded roles at the health center. “Every time I see a smile on the face of a struggling patient, or hear my team recount a story of how fulfilling it is to work with a patient, it is an amazing testimony to the great work VHP does and how we are impacting our community in a positive way.”

Valley Health Partners continues to build on the strong culture of the health center, and that begins with our colleagues. If you are interested in joining the Community Health Center movement, and applying at VHP, please see our current openings.

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