Valley Health Partners Population Health

Promoting health and wellness by connecting patients with needed support

Patients who seek care at Valley Health Partners receive compassionate, accessible and affordable services that are family centered and culturally sensitive.

Valley Health Partners (VHP) Population Health offers a multidisciplinary team to help patients improve their lives and support the complex medical and social needs faced by many.

VHP Population Health delivers extraordinary support that supplements and enhances the health care that patients are receiving at VHP practices.

We help our patients break down barriers to care by coordinating social services, providing transportation to appointments, connecting to resources in the community and assisting with behavioral health needs. In addition, we offer educational programs and medical interpreters.

At your appointment, your healthcare provider may identify if these services would benefit you and place a referral for further assistance.

population health

VHP Population Health FAQS

What does Population Health do? 

VHP Population Health provides care coordination, education, information and support by partnering with people and their health care providers.

What are the special services offered?

  • A nurse care manager to help people coordinate their health care.
  • A clinical pharmacist who works closely with your primary care provider to assist you with your medication needs. This includes medication teaching and removing barriers to obtaining your medications.
  • Educational programs in English and Spanish.
  • Information about social services and behavioral health support.

What if I can’t afford these services?

You will never receive a bill for your visit with a nurse care manager, social service team member, pharmacist or medication assistance coordinator. 

Do I still need to see a doctor if I use these services?

Yes, VHP Population Health teams work with your primary care provider or specialist.


  • Nurse care management
  • Social services
  • Behavioral health needs
  • Clinical pharmacy
  • Medication assistance
  • Education