Valley Health Partners Veteran Health Program

Those serving in the U.S. military have a mission to protect and defend. Once home, veterans may need our help navigating complex health care systems. That’s where Valley Health Partners (VHP) Veteran Health Program comes in.

VHP Veteran Health Program addresses the unique circumstances of men and women who have performed military service. Our staff are deeply knowledgeable in veteran care as it relates to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs/Department of Defense benefits, and they’re well versed in veterans’ health care needs. 

Navigation and coordination of benefits

Navigation of veterans’ health benefits and TRICARE are complex. VHP Veteran Health Program offers a fully coordinated health care experience in association with the Department of Defense through TRICARE and the VA’s Community Care Network (formerly the Veterans Choice Program). As a contracted partner with these programs, VHP Veteran Health Program, in alignment with Lehigh Valley Health Network, offers the widest possible access to our health services. 

Access to health care

VHP Veteran Health Program addresses the potentially unique circumstances of men and women who have performed military service. VHP Veteran Health Program staff are professionals knowledgeable in veteran care issues (from VA/DOD benefits to accessing care) and versed in veterans’ health care needs. 

Guidance and planning

A VHP Veteran Health Program case manager will interview the veteran or family member and create a personalized client plan built upon his or her current needs. As part of the plan, our case managers also will connect clients with community partners for other supportive services, if needed.

Bridging gaps

VHP Veteran Health Program staff can aid in making referrals for assistance with our community partners:

  • VA compensation and claims through an independent certified veteran service officer
  • Peer support
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Food and nutrition
  • Clothing
  • Financial assistance
  • Legal assistance
  • Wellness services

Our team includes clinically certified, trained professionals who have demonstrated capability and proficiency in the coordination of care through a nationally offered certificate program by the Warrior Centric Health and the Veterans Health Administration’s training certificate for community providers.

What to expect on your first visit

Once you sign up to VHP Veteran Health Program, our case manager will contact you by phone to confirm needed services. Our case manager will schedule a one- to two-hour appointment and advise what initial documents you will need to bring. As a result of your visit, a personalized care plan will be developed as a guide. You also may need to see the veteran service officer, who can help with any VA claim submission. We will continue to work with you until your concerns have been addressed.

Why is VHP Veteran Health Program important?

Citizens from the Lehigh Valley are serving – or have served – in securing our liberty and being exposed to great personal risk. The VHP strives to provide veterans and their families with a coordinated and transformative care experience. The service addresses the complex health care needs of veterans by collaborating with area Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense partners. Addressing the health care risk of our community improves lives, contributes to a healthy workforce and reduces costs for individuals and businesses alike.

Legacy of honor

Established in 2017 through funding from the Fleming Foundation, VHP Veteran Health Program was named in honor of World War II Navy veteran Dick Fleming and his wife, Peggy. The VHP Veteran Health Program has helped hundreds of veterans and their families receive health benefits they have earned. This is our way of honoring you and going beyond saying, “Thank you for your service.”

Who is eligible to join?

We invite all active duty, reserve, guard, retirees of the armed services and their families, and veterans seeking care and information on health services, benefits information and community services available to them regardless of their ability to pay to contact VHP Veteran Health Program.

Get involved

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